Hong Kong Travel Film – ‘Fragrant Harbour’

Experimental short Hong Kong travel film, shot on location at the end of 2015 by Tommy Nagle.



My films are never about what Hong Kong is like, or anything approaching a realistic portrait,
but what I think about Hong Kong and what I want it to be.



Head on over to Exposure to see the accompanying photo story, which contains: Bad poetry. Thoughts on crappy names (Sorry to the Grahams of the world). Reflections on what’s already been said about the juxtaposition of old and new. Pretty birds. Night cityscape images. Photos of a slobbering goat’s head, and the ingredients of some of the best ice cream and waffles we’ve ever had.


• Directed, shot and edited by Tommy Nagle

• Shot on Panasonic Lumix GH4

• Music: “Thought 04” by Folds & “Hong Kong” by Gorillaz.